Buying or Selling A Company?

So Many Issues...
So Little Time...
So Much At Stake

At Bishop & Company, we help business owners buy and sell businesses quickly, quietly and effectively.  We specialize in finding buyers for middle market companies and advising both buyers and sellers on all aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

Most middle market companies never assemble a complete M&A team.  They find it costly and confusing to work with so many different advisors: an appraiser to value the company, a tax consultant to structure the transaction, a CPA to provide financial advice, an intermediary to find a buyer or seller and an attorney to negotiate the contract.  So in practice, the middle market owner picks one advisor to quarterback the deal.  But if that advisor has blind spots, the company can make a fatal error in the transaction.

Unlike most advisors who understand only one part of a transaction, we are experienced in all the disciplines involved: business valuation, financial, tax, matchmaking, selling, negotiating and legal.  With over 100 transactions under our belt, we don't simply match buyers and sellers.  We cover all the bases and coordinate the sale with your other advisors so that your sale of a lifetime is your best sale ever!

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